Sunday, March 04, 2012


Inspired by Breitbart

I had never really paid much attention to the work of, recently deceased, Andrew Breitbart. I looked at his websites occasionally or arrived at them from links from other sites. I really hadn't a clue who he was. Then, coincidentally, only a couple of weeks ago I saw a clip of him speaking at a CPAC conference and even more recently, the non-censored version of the trailer from the not yet released documentary "Hating Breitbart." Near the end if the trailer he expresses the utter contempt many of us conservatives feel toward the stacked deck of dishonesty, insult, and hate the left regularly throws our way.

Breitbart's focus on the "Democrat/media complex" and all its cultural tentacles in entertainment and academia really hit home. What most struck me was Breitbart's brusk lack of decorum, forfeiting the usual apologies expressed by so many of us on the right who try to be civil dealing with people who are basically condescending authoritarian savages. In the movie trailer, after his expression of indignation over tea party protestors being endlessly called racists and potential Timothy McVeighs, he stops, focuses, and says in sharp distinct words..."Fuck You!". I was hooked. Why didn't I ever say that to these people? It was a revelation. Really. Why couldn't conservatives finally just say, "Fuck You!" to all the cliche' lies and all the power around us that dares perpetually paint itself as some victim, font of goodness, or champion of the underdog when in fact modern leftism is the very heir to history's most vile "experiments" in cruelty and oppression? Like most of us who live decently and believe in responsible and limited government, why couldn't I just respond to the never-ending barrage of taunts and condescension with something equally direct that may lack proper recitation of facts or debate form to the point.

Breitbart was a guy who had that special earthy honesty so lacking in leftism -- he wasn't...full of shit (like so many of them, from Hollywood stars and news journalists to the charlatans of post modern academia). This was a guy I felt I could have a drink with, unlike so many uptight "sensitive" intellectuals who constrain every conversation to fit their neatly tethered P.C. guidelines.

The day before he died I posted a "like" entry to his Facebook page (no doubt pissing off more than a few true believers I know). A few days before that I had downloaded and begun listening to the audiobook of his recent book, "Righteous Indignation."

His disgust with Clarence Thomas's treatment before the Democrat-Jacobin wolves was moving. I found his book to be, in parts, a sort of grunge era, college age "Catcher in the Rye" – quite entertaining in spite of the serious issues it addressed. He just sounded cool so honestly describing his own early weaknesses and his ability to shift in his life to sounder awareness, seeing the entire left wing edifice for what it is and has always been; pure rot, insincerity, arrogance, and an establishment of self-righteous bullying.
I couldn't believe that this new hero I was just now coming to be familiar with died as I was still listening to his story in his own words.

We on the right tend not to get caught up in idol worship the way the leftist mob does. Occasionally we come close with figures like Ronald Reagan (but then we don't decide he should be called R.W.R. To conjure some fake intimacy).

Like Breitbart, I've had it -- 'sick of simply stating my case and defending my position before people who insult my existence and describe my stance in ways nowhere resembling who I am or what I believe (so they can simply feel superior and have more control over others' lives).

Breitbart was right when he said - in so many words - "I'm sick of apologizing for who I am..." This guy's work is an inspiration to all of us who know the values of honor and dignity embellished with sound awareness of economic principles and the need to keep the coercive bureau state well bound. What do those on the left have on their side? Pompous self-righteous elitism with weakness of character and - stated simply - a lack of honor.

Rest in peace Andrew Breitbart. You revealed all the "debate" in mainstream culture for what it truly is - bullshit. We're being bullshited into tyranny, but we no longer have to play along. We won't.

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